6 ways of fixing video scheduler internal error on windows 10

Soon after Microsoft has launched its latest version of OS Windows 10, people are going crazy after it. I am also one of them. I downloaded the latest OS and installed it on my PC.

Everything was going fine, and I felt the top of the sky. On the very first day of using Windows 10, I worked a long time on my PC and then decided to put it in a sleep mode to have some food. That’s where I got in the hit line of the Windows error. After having my Mac Burger and snakes with a cup of coffee, when I turned on my computer, it showed the message of ‘VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR’ and asked me to restart my PC. I was wondered by seeing this, and soon I checked all my drivers and chipset to find the solution, but the video scheduler error kept coming most of the time I put my Windows PC to sleep or when I installed new software or hardware. I tried different ways to solve this, and it took a lot of time of mine. So I decided to write a post about it to save precious time of my dear friends (you). Check these 6 ways of fixing video scheduler internal error windows 10 and save some time to enjoy your meal.

1) Download the OS Updates

If you encountered with Windows 10 video scheduler internal error, then it is advisable to first check for the Windows 10 updates. Because every Operating System shares some of its issues with its hardware and software. Though the Windows 10 has fewer than all others, they are enough to show you another blue screen with displaying an error message on it. Microsoft releases updates for all its Operating Systems frequently. You can download them from your PC settings or the company’s website.

2) Update Video Drivers

If you frequently get the video scheduler internal error on Windows 10, then you can also try to update video drivers or even roll back them. If your latest downloaded driver update has some problems or it may not have properly installed, then you may get this BSoD. If your driver is outdated or not compatible, then also you get this error. So, try to update or roll back the video drivers on your PC. You can do this from the ‘Device Manager settings > Display Adapter’ on your PC.

3) Fix System Registry

You will not believe, but sometimes, the corrupted or damaged registries can create an error on your Windows 10 PC and shows you the blue screen. So, it is good to run the registry scan frequently and fix it. You can get help from the third party software like “CCleaner” to fix the system registry problems.

4) Change the Graphics Card Settings

Sometimes, the Windows 10 video scheduler internal error can be fixed by just changing the graphics card settings on your system. Go to your Intel or NVIDIA control panel and change the settings to performance rather than quality. If you have NVIDIA graphics card, then can set it to PhysX and if you do not have NVIDIA, then you can change these settings in Catalyst Control Center.

5) Disable or Remove Security Software

Many people are not aware of this, but your Windows PC has its own security feature named as ‘Windows Defender.’ It does the task of protecting your PC from malware and viruses. If you are not required a very high level of security on your system, then you should uninstall any third party defender software like AVG security, Avast, etc. Sometimes, their bugs can create video scheduler internal error. You can also fix the problem by disabling the antivirus and restarting your PC. If the BSoD problem solved, then it shows that you should remove the antivirus program from your PC.

6) Reset Your Windows 10

If nothing works, then the last option is to perform Windows 10 reset. It is similar to clean and install the OS and thus, it will format your data on the C partition. So take a backup of your useful files and then start the Windows 10 reset. You can use a bootable USB flash drive for this.


VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR on Windows 10 is a part of BSoD errors. You can also check whether your latest installed hardware or software is faulty or not. Sometimes incompatible hardware or high-end software can cause the blue screen problem. If you have old TV cards installed on your PC, then remove them to prevent the error and install the new ones. If you watch videos on Chrome and the blue screen error appears, then disable the hardware acceleration in the browser settings.

The video scheduler error on Windows 10 is related to the graphics card on the system, but you can learn the above solutions to fix it.

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