Fixed Windows 10 Boot Device Not Found Error

As we know all the technological devices, especially Laptops and computers, have some of the common issues like system breakdown, black screen, damaging system files, unbootable operating systems, etc. So whenever such matters happen, generally an error message appears on the screen.

Among such error messages, ‘Boot Device Not Found’ is very common.

You can fix this error ‘Boot Device Not Found’ in Windows 10. There are some methods which can be useful for troubleshooting.

Here they are…

Method 1 

Step 1: Reboot your device.

Step 2: Enter the BIOS.

Step 3: Check the BIOS settings and confirm your boot drive appears as the boot device.

Step 4: If it isn’t, change BIOS settings again and retry.

Note: Even after all such steps, if the hard drive is not shown in the BIOS, it might be possible that something is faulty – hard drive, cable, or IDE/SATA slot. Try to use the different slot or cable if possible.

When you are using the Hard Disk drive, make sure that IDE or ATA/SATA in your BIOS is set to the drive. But if you use any SSD, it should be set to AHCI.

Method 2 

Step 1: If your boot drive is present in your BIOS, boot and select Troubleshoot and not Install.

Step 2: Now Click on Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command prompt.

Step 3: Type ‘Chkdsk /r’ and wait for process completion.

Step 4: Reboot on normal mode.

Method 3 

Step 1: From your installation media, try to boot.

Step 2: Select Install.

Step 3: Save your files, don’t forget to save your settings and complete the process of re-installation.

HP laptops show the error message like this: “Boot Device Not Found. Hard Disk (3F0)”. Sometimes it may cause by upgrading your SSD from HDD.

Method 4 

Note: Before using this approach, you need to buy MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition.

Step 1: After booting, when you go to the interface, select the tool ‘Partition Wizard’ to launch it.

Step 2: Now click the feature named ‘Surface Test’ from the left pane.

Step 3: Then click the button ‘Start Now’ and launch the disk test.

Step 4: If there are many bad sectors after a disk test, you need to backup the important files on your HD after performing ‘Chkdsk’ operation.

You can also use ‘copy disk’ or ‘copy partition’ features for the backup, as copy disk takes the mode of sector-by-sector and copy partition is recommended when your necessary files are saved to a partition. So you can choose one option according to your need or situation.

Method 5 

Step 1: Prepare a Windows Installation Disc, CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

Step 2: Now connect them to your PC and fix your operating system.

Step 3: Go to ‘System Recovery Options’ and click on ‘Repair Your Computer.’

Step 4: Select ‘Troubleshoot’ and go to the ‘Advanced Options.’

Step 5: Now click on ‘Startup Repair.’

Because of the era of technology, mostly each and every person use laptops. It is a necessity nowadays for work and personal life. From writing papers to making programs, from creating forms to the analysis of functions, from making presentations to the innovative applications, and even for all kind of entertainment, and so on, everything depends on the computers. So security and immediate solutions to the problems are needed. We hope this article is valuable enough to help you with your error message regarding your boot device.

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